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                Ruian Haitan Locks Co.,Ltd. Which was founded in 1998 located in Tangxia Town,Ruian City of Zhejiang Province which is well-known as the economy strong town of China. It is in possession of ascendant geographical position and convenient traffic, also it is only about an hour away from shanghai port by car.

                Our company is professional production company that collects designing module, product development, manufacturing,die-casting, polishing, machining integration into one organ.

                The major products are high-quality door locks and hinges for electric cabinets, office appliances and fire cabinets. We also offer a wide range of door hardware, including screen wall accessories, crescent lock series, hinge series, two point locks, handle series, transmission series and aluminum doors and windows lock series

                We work for the theory "Quality comes first, Customer is the primier important", and we will stick to the quality policy "technology leads produce, Quality controls the products ". We have the fine quality products with absolutely competitive price , moreover, we offer quick delivery and satisfactory service. Wholeheartedly welcome friends at home and abroad.

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